Montpelier Citrus Company Limited (MCCL) is owned by the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), which acquired the property from the National Commercial Bank in 1999.

The MCCL property comprises three farms with acreage totaling approximately 1,203 hectares (2,972 acres) of land situated in the contiguous parishes of St. James and Hanover and a 28 acre commercial facility comprising factory and warehouse spacing.

In May 2010, approximately 524 acres of the 2,972 acres was sold to Ramble Enterprise Limited (a family-owned enterprise) via vendor’s mortgage.


Agricultural Property: Cabinet approved the long-term lease of 1,609.5 acres of the Montpelier Citrus Company Limited (MCCL) property to Jamaica Green Botanical Producers Ltd. for agricultural purposes. The MCCL and Lessee executed the lease on 7 October 2016. The Lessee is in possession of the leased lands and has begun operations.


Montpelier Citrus Company Limited