The objective of the CREDIT ENHANCEMENT FACILITY is to:

  • Provide an incentive to AFIs involved in SME lending,
  • Provide loans to qualified SMEs, for viable projects, by providing additional security coverage on SMEs loans.
  • Allow the AFI to accept non-traditional collateral which it may not normally accept, and grant coverage based on criteria such as the borrower’s character and the future cash flows of the business.
  • Reduce the risk exposure to the AFI that is normally associated with providing credit to SMEs.



  • 50% of DBJ-funded SME loans up to J$15M
  • 80% of Energy Loans up to a maximum of J$15M
  • 80% of *SMALL LOANS up to J$6.25M up to a maximum of J$5M


  • SME loans funded with the AFIs own funds – 50% of the loan up to J$15M
  • 80% of Energy Loans up to a maximum of J$15M
  • 80% of *SMALL LOANS up to J$6.25M up to a maximum of J$5M

*SMALL LOANS are defined by DBJ as loans up to a maximum loan amount of J$6.25M


Since inception, the CEF has issued guarantees totaling $774 million allowing 251 SME sub-borrowers to access $1,583 million in loans for which they would not otherwise have qualified. The annual results are summarized below.

CEF Performance

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CEF guarantees supported loans which created over 80 new jobs, 90 temporary jobs while maintaining 700 existing jobs across various sectors.

The Agriculture sector received a total 139 of the 251 loan guarantees from the CEF and accounted for 27.2% of the total guaranteed amount issued. The Services sector accounted for 41.7% with 70 guarantees issued, with Manufacturing at 17.5%, Agro-processing 4.1%, and Distribution 9.4%.

During 2014/15, DBJ’s Credit Enhancement Facility received an award from the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) for its role in addressing the challenges of MSMEs’ access to finance.



  1. Visit your AFI and discuss your loan proposal.
  2. Indicate that you want to access a DBJ loan
  3. The AFI appraises the project and, if its assessment is favourable, the AFI applies to DBJ for funding for on-lending to the project.
  4. The DBJ, if it approves the AFI’s application, will disburse to the AFI for on-lending.