Energy Audit Grant Programme

What are the steps involved?

Select Auditor & Application

  • You will select an energy auditor from DBJ’s list of certified energy auditors
  • An agreement is made between you and the energy auditor on scope & duration of audit
  • Applicant receives quotation from auditor and submits application to DBJ
  • The applicant will commit to pay any amounts in excess of $200,000 to auditor
  • The applicant completes and submits application to DBJ

Commitments - 5 Days

  • DBJ reviews application and issues award (or refusal) letter to applicant
  • DBJ issues commitment letter to auditor to cover cost of audit up to $200,000 or total cost of the audit,
    whichever is less

Energy Audit Terms - 7 Days

  • Applicant and auditor to indicate commencement date of audit before payment of mobilization fees
  • 1st payment (mobilization) is made to the energy auditor

Energy Audit - 40 Days

  • Auditor begins Energy Audit
  • Auditor completes energy audit
  • Presentation of energy audit made to the applicant, the DBJ, and the Approved Financial Institution
  • Final payment is made to the energy auditor
List of Approved Auditors 2023/2024
Surname First Name Company Telephone/Fax Email Parishes Served
Buchanan Jevaughn Sustainable Utilities 876-391-9036 Islandwide
Chong Robin EEC Solutions 876-207-1465 Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Catherine, St. Mary, St. Ann, Clarendon, Manchester, Portland
Davis Norman Power Gen 876-990-3674 Middlesex & Surrey
Dennis Mark Dennergy Consulting 876-396-9517; Kingston & St. Andrew, St. Catherine, St. Ann, Clarendon, Manchester and St. Mary
Haughton Eaton Caribbean Esco Ltd (876)881-5045 Islandwide
Parkins Nathan Sustainable Utilities 876-546-4974; Islandwide
Reid Mikhail Ekozone 876-571-2006 Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Mandeville, Clarendon and St. Ann
Rhoden Stephen Rho-Energy Consulting 876-485-8961 Islandwide
Shaw Aston Jamaica Public Service Company 876-535-0497 Islandwide
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