Access to Finance Project


The Access to Finance Project is a partnership of Government of Jamaica and the World Bank. This is a US$20 million Project that will be executed over a period of 5 years with the objective of improving access to finance for MSMEs and housing finance for the low-income segments of the Jamaican population.

The Project will support the improvement access to finance for MSMEs and housing finance for the low-income segments of the population through three components: (i) Enhancing MSME finance; (ii) Strengthening the Housing Finance Market; and (iii) Project Management.

The implementing agency for this project is the Development Bank of Jamaica in collaboration with the Jamaica Mortgage Bank and The National Housing Trust.

The key results expected for this project are: i) increase the number of MSMEs with guaranteed loans through the DBJ’s CEF; ii) increase the number of MSMEs getting access to risk capital; and (iii) increase in Mortgage Insurance penetration reflected as a share of mortgage loans backed by mortgage insurance in affordable mortgage loans originations.

Project Components

Component 1: Enhancing MSME finance

Under this component, the proposed Project will finance activities for: (a) enhancing the operational features of the CEF and providing capital to the CEF; (b) improving the enabling environment for access to finance for MSMEs, including by encouraging the development of financial instruments, such as leasing and factoring; (c) encouraging the development of private equity and venture capital (PEVC), through investing into an SME fund and reforming the related legal, regulatory, and tax regime; and (d) capacity building for MSMEs to improve their bankability.

Component 2: Strengthening the Housing Finance Market

Under component 2, the proposed Project will support the strengthening of the mortgage insurance sector by: (a) providing capitalization to the properly organized and licensed mortgage insurance company; (b) institutional re-organization and capacity building of the Mortgage Insurance provider; (c) establishment of a risk-based regulatory and supervisory Mortgage Insurance framework; and (d) design and deployment of the Mortgage Insurance products to address the currently underserved (or unserved) households with low, irregular or informal incomes.

Component 3: Project Management

This component will support a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) responsible or the coordination, management, implementation, and supervision of the project. Under this component the Project would finance: (a) the recruitment and training of the PIU team members; (b) equipment and furniture for the PIU; (c) monitoring and evaluation activities; and (d) the project’s financial audits. The PIU will be housed at the DBJ.


The Environmental and Social Management Framework – Access to Finance Project

The Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) is an instrument that will help the Government of Jamaica, through the Ministry of Finance, as the borrower, and the Development Bank of Jamaica, as the implementation agency, to identify appropriate methods and tools to assess and manage the potential environmental and social risks and impacts of the project. The ESMF will look at the following:

  • Environmental and Social Conditions and Potential Risks and Impacts
  • Jamaica and World Bank Environmental and Social Requirements
  • Project Environmental and Social Management

The draft ESMF will be disclosed by the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) and the World Bank for consultations from March 7 to March 21, 2017. The document will be available online on the website of the DBJ. In addition, consultation meetings will be held with relevant stakeholders during March 15- 16, 2017. Following the consultations, a final version of the ESMF, reflecting comments received, will be prepared and publicly disclosed on both the DBJ and World Bank websites.

The DBJ, as implementing agency, will be responsible to carry out the Project with due diligence and efficiency in compliance with all requirements pertaining to environmental and social protection applicable under the laws and regulations, and the ESMF.

Please see the document below for further information.  The public is being asked to review the ESMF document and provide feedbacks and recommendations on same. Individuals attending the consultation meetings can come prepared to ask questions on the document. All other feedbacks can be emailed to



Jamaica Access to Finance Project – Environmental and Social Management Framework