Who we are

The mission of the Strategic Services Department (SSD) is to provide strategic direction and support to DBJ through research, strategy, risk & compliance, product development, business analytics and business development as well as provide capacity development to strengthen our clientele to ensure the Bank achieves its goals.

What we do

SSD’s objectives are:

  • Provide capacity development to improve access to financing for the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) sector
  • Develop new products for DBJ to deliver greater value
  • Provide enterprise-wide research and analytics support to measure and monitor DBJ’s impact
  • Provide enterprise-wide risk management and compliance management services
  • Assist with the management of relationships with key stakeholders in the M& SME industry
  • Manage special projects that will strengthen DBJ’s ability to support Jamaica’s economic growth and
  • Manage DBJ’s strategy development, and performance reporting.


How we do it

SSD is divided into four functional areas:

  • Capacity Development
  • Research, Analytics & Product Development
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Strategy and Business DEVELOMENT