Overview &  Description:

The Government of Jamaica (GOJ), through the    MLGCD,    is    seeking    to    develop    a comprehensive    solid    waste    management

(SWM) programme which would over time, allow the NSWMA, to focus on being a regulator rather than an operator. The SWM programme would provide opportunities for Private Sector investments, via PPPs, to enhance the overall SWM service quality. The reformed SWM programme will give consideration to maximizing municipal waste collection, waste sorting, recycling, waste to energy,   recovery   and   reduction   of   waste going to landfills; moving gradually to minimum waste, while safeguarding the socio-economic needs of citizens in the surrounding communities and improving the quality of life and public health in general.

Key Highlights

  • Jamaica generates approximately 1,000,000 tons of residential       waste annually of which as much as 60 percent is attributed to the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA).
  • Approximately 70 percent  of  the  total waste  generated  in  the  country  is collected, while a remaining 30 percent is disposed of in an unsustainable manner.
  • Generating energy (35-50 MV plant is possible) from the waste as well   as the  management of waste collection, treatment and disposal, thereby providing alternative (renewable) energy source and improving the state of the environment.

Current Status:

Business Case and Transaction Structuring underway.

Waste Management Reform Programme