Success Stories


One-on-One Tutoring Services Ltd is a Kingston-based company that provides personalized educational services and e-learning solutions to over 200 secondary school students and three corporate entities.  The company has had success in its delivery of personalized online services including CSEC and CAPE curricula specifically in CSEC mathematics…  In May 2013, the company embarked on a mission to leverage the successes of the Class-of-ten brand to deliver personalized e-Learning courses for students and corporate entities.

In FY14/15, the company received loan funding from the DBJ and also benefited from the DBJ’s partial guarantee facility.


Lifespan Water Company is based in Portland and is a manufacturer of natural spring water. The company was founded by Devon and Nayana Williams in 2005 and began trading commercially in 2006.  In FY14/15, DBJ’s loan support enabled the company to broaden its market reach with the purchase of new equipment.



Norsai Enterprise Ltd is a food processing business which was incorporated in April 2010. The company is operated by two directors Mohamed Islam & Norma Anderson-Islam.   The husband & wife team own and operate a factory in Yallahs, St. Thomas, producing canned ackee, calaloo, juices, frozen breadfruit and herbal teas which are sold locally and exported to the United Kingdom and Canada.  They currently provide employment to 20 permanent workers and approximately 70-130 contract workers.

In FY14/15 Norsai benefitted from a DBJ loan facility which allowed the company to begin manufacturing year round at its 28,000 square-foot plant at the Yallahs Industrial Complex, double its staff, and add products to its portfolio. Additionally, Norsai was the recipient of the first vouchers for technical assistance (VTA) under the pilot programme.  The grant enabled the completion of financial statements.



Mr. Andrew Simpson has been involved in farming for the past four years in the Ballards Valley area of St. Mary where he cultivates bananas, coconuts and plantains.  In addition, he rears pigs and goats and has slaughtering and ripening facility on the farm.  In order to provide quality and efficiency to the production of the fruits, Mr. Simpson accessed a loan from the DBJ to build a packing/processing facility to effectively handle the bananas for the market.   The farm operation provides employment for 15 permanent and one part-time worker.

In FY14/15, Mr. Simpson received a loan from the DBJ to purchase irrigation and packing house equipment.


Very Amazing Products (VAP) Limited is involved in the manufacturing of syrups and squashes, wine, ketchup and finished drinks under its own brand, “PURE”. The company also bottles vinegar under the PURE Brand and manufactures 12 flavours of syrups, seven flavours of squashes and vinegar. In FY14/15, VAP received a loan from the DBJ which was used for refurbishing. The company also benefitted from DBJ’s partial guarantee for SMEs. The DBJ support also resulted in the creation of five new jobs in addition to the already existing 65 employees


Maud Interconnect Services Ltd (MISL) is a Cable TV and Telecommunications Infrastructure Investments company marketed under the brand “Hometime”.

The company provides Cable TV services for Westmoreland eastward to Lacovia and south-east to western Treasure Beach.

In FY14/15, the company received a DBJ loan and also benefited from the DBJ’s partial guarantee facility. This support from the DBJ allowed the company to purchase and install new equipment which in turn enabled Maud Interconnect Services Ltd to increase its overall productivity. The DBJ’s support also facilitated 14 new permanent jobs.



Coffee Roasters of Jamaica Limited is involved in the manufacturing, packaging and marketing of Jamaican coffee locally and internationally.  The company has been able to grow from strength to strength and currently has a staff of 17 full time employees.

In FY 14/15 the company received DBJ funding and also benefited from the DBJ’s partial guarantee facility. The support from DBJ was used to purchase raw material.



Sanmerna Paper Products Limited is primarily engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of paper products such as bathroom tissue, hand towels and napkins. The Company employs 86 persons. The project supported the creation of eight new jobs.

In 2014/15 Sanmerna received DBJ funding to purchase equipment. The company currently employs 86 persons and upon receipt of DBJ funding was able to create eight new jobs.



K & T was incorporated in 2013 to build, lease and manage the 99,750 sq. ft. Business Process Outsourcing (‘BPO’) facility on 18C–18D Ward Avenue in Mandeville.  The potential number of employees is 2,900 on one and a half shifts.



BTP was incorporated in 2012 to build, lease and manage the 50,000 sq. ft. Business Process Outsourcing (‘BPO’) facility (‘Building 1’) in Fairfield, Montego Bay. The potential number of employees is 1,500 on one and a half shifts.

The company received DBJ funding to construct and fit-out a portion of the BPO facility.