German Ship Repairs of Jamaica Project (GSRJ)


The German Ship Repairs of Jamaica Project (GSRJ) consist of two adjoining parcels of land located at Harbour Head in the parish of Kingston.

The DBJ received a proposal from GSRJ to establish floating dock facilities at Harbour Head in Kingston for the sale of land between the Commissioner of Lands and Kingston Dock Yard Property.   Kingston Dock Yard Property, a wholly owned subsidiary of the existing lessee, Jamaica Fruit and Shipping Company Limited, operators of a dry dock facility which holds leases for adjoining properties for 49 years with an option to purchase.

This transaction will facilitate investments of over $8 Billion for Phase 1 of the expansion and anticipates employment of 300 trained professionals (welders and engineers) through a partnership with Caribbean Maritime University.


Sale Agreement finalized and executed by purchaser on April 7, 2021, and deposit paid.

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