Promoting Financial Inclusion in Jamaica

Financial Empowerment & Technological Awareness (Project FETA)

About the Project
The Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has embarked on a project themed “Promoting Financial Inclusion in Jamaica (branded “Project FETA”). The project targets at least 2500 micro-entrepreneurs and small business owners island-wide to promote financial awareness amongst target group. The objective of the project to assist in creating financial stability for micro-entrepreneurs, specifically those unbanked and under banked, thereby contributing to the stability and independence of the individual and by extension the overall economic growth of the country.

Financial Education and Awareness

Financial Workshops and seminars for micro-entrepreneurs will be held island-wide to deliver financial education training. The training is being led by the Management Institute for National Development (MIND).

What persons are to expect at the workshop and seminars:
Persons can expect to receive key financial insights from our facilitators and presenters. Some of the topics we explore in our sessions are:

1.     How to manage your budget

2.     Track income and expenses

3.     How to trim and cut expenses

4.     How to generate additional income

5.     How to reduce debt

Additionally, persons will be able to benefit from our networking sessions where we allow attendees to share information about their business and interact with representatives from the various financial institutions who we invite to our events.

Contact information and social media handles:
Facebook @DBJFETA

Instagram: @DBJFETA

Twitter: @DBJFETA


Tel: 876-499-0006

Project Objectives
The specific objective of the Project is to improve the financial knowledge of micro entrepreneurs, to improve the confidence level in the formal banking system for low-income people in Jamaica, increase trust in technology driven financial services such as mobile money and other Electronic Retail Payment Services and to support the GOJ’s 2015-2020 National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NIFS).


Project Achievements
Project FETA – Financial Empowerment and Technological Awareness has to date successfully facilitated capacity building to over 1000 micro-entrepreneurs and small business owners.


As at June 2018, the events from the series were held at the following locations:

·        June 28, 2017 Kingston
·        July 25, 2017 Kingston
·        November 15, 2017 Mandeville
·        November 21, 2017 Mandeville
·        December 6, 2017 Kingston
·        December 12, 2017 Kingston
·        February 21, 2018 St. Thomas
·        February 28, 2018 St. James
·        March 21, 2018 St. Catherine
·        March 28, 2018 St. Catherine
·        April 24, 2018 St. Ann
·        May 2, 2018 St. Ann
·        May 16, 2018 St. Ann
·        May 29, 2018 Port Antonio
·        June 19, 2018 Westmoreland
·        June 20, 2018 St. Elizabeth



****FETA Montego Bay Workshop Photographs****     

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****FETA Portmore Workshop Photographs****

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****FETA Spanish Town Workshop Photographs****         

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****FETA Ocho Rios Workshop Photographs****

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****FETA St. Ann’s Bay Workshop Photographs****

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****FETA Portland Workshop Photographs****

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****FETA Santa Cruz Workshop Photographs****

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****FETA Savanna-La-Mar Workshop Photographs****

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****FETA May Pen Workshop Photographs****

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