Risk and Compliance

The Risk & Compliance Unit provides support to the DBJ through risk identification, assessment and monitoring, as well as provision of guidance & supervision as it relates to compliance matters.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is central to the fulfilment of the Mission and Vision of the DBJ. By taking risks, the Bank becomes a catalyst for growth in the national economy. Therefore, the Bank manages its risk on an enterprise-wide basis, ensuring on-going, continuous risk management, which is embedded within the business cycle, starting with strategic planning, and carrying through to execution and evaluation. The DBJ’s ERM programme is guided by its ERM Framework and Policy which was approved by its Board of Directors in 2014.

Through the Risk & Compliance Unit, the Bank also ensures that internal & external compliance requirements are achieved and third party counterparty compliance risk is adequately managed. The internal compliance function is guided by DBJ’s Board approved Compliance Policy. The Compliance function is also charged with the task of managing the bank’s anti-money laundering framework, which was developed early 2015.