Strategy and Business Development

Strategy & Business Development

The DBJ’s Strategy and Business Development units are responsible for managing the development and execution of the Bank’s strategy as well as pursuing and exploiting critical relationships with local and international development partners. Key projects, such as the World Bank-funded Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth Programme, the Access to Finance programme and the Inter-American Development Bank-funded digitization of the Credit Enhancement Facility are also managed in this unit.


DBJ’s Vision:

By the year 2025 DBJ wants to be recognized as the Latin America & the Caribbean’s foremost development finance institution that drives private sector development and contributes to broad-based, inclusive economic growth in Jamaica.

In keeping with this Vision, the DBJ has decided to focus on three Strategic pillars for the next three financial years. These pillars are the themes on which the Bank will focus to achieve its corporate objectives. By excelling in these three areas, the DBJ will achieve its vision.

DBJ’s Major Targets


Business Development

The Development Bank of Jamaica is constantly forming new and strengthening existing relationships with International Development Partners.