The DBJ’s Board of Directors are selected and appointed in accordance with the Financial Services Commission’s (FSC) “fit and proper” standards and members have satisfactorily demonstrated:

  • Contribution to nation building, business, institutions and professions
  • Integrity, honesty and the ability to generate public confidence
  • Sound and independent business judgement
  • Financial literacy
  • Knowledge and appreciation of public issues and familiarity with local, national and international affairs
  • Knowledge of the business of the company
  • Ability to dedicate adequate time to the Board and committee work.

The Board is collectively responsible for strategic management and oversight, serves as the focal point for Corporate Governance and is accountable to the Responsible Minister & Shareholder representatives. Additionally, they ensure compliance with the Public Bodies Management & Accountability Act, and other applicable legislation and Government of Jamaica policies while actively participating in the development of our strategic direction.

Board of Directors