CWTC is the Special Purpose Vehicle which currently owns, manages and operates the 75,000 m3/day Soapberry Wastewater Treatment Plant (Soapberry) .  Soapberry handles wastewater flows generated from sections of Portmore in St. Catherine, Kingston & St. Andrew (KSA).

The National Water Commission is seeking to facilitate private participation to expand the Soapberry Wastewater Treatment Plant to meet the projected increase in demand based on developments contemplated.  Additionally, the NWC’s objective is to monetize all or part of its 85% shareholding in the company.


An Option Analysis has been completed to determine the optimal way to structure the transaction. Cabinet approval received to develop the Business Case for the preferred option.

Privatisation of GOJ’s Shares in Central Wastewater Treatment Company (CWTC) and Expansion of the Soapberry Wastewater Treatment Plant