Waste Management Reform Programme

Mode of Procurement Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
Project Sponsor(s) Ministry of Local Government & Community Development (MLGCD)/National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA)
Description and location

The Government of Jamaica (GOJ), through the MLGCD, is seeking to develop a comprehensive solid waste management (SWM) programme which would over time, allow the NSWMA, to focus on being a regulator rather than an operator. The SWM programme would provide opportunities for Private Sector investments, via PPPs, to enhance the overall SWM service quality. The reformed SWM programme will give consideration to maximizing municipal waste collection, waste sorting, recycling, waste to energy, recovery and reduction of waste going to landfills; moving gradually to minimum waste, while safeguarding the socio-economic needs of citizens in the surrounding communities and improving the quality of life and public health in general.

Status Business Case underway
Estimated Capital costs/development expenditures US$200M – US$400M
Sources of revenues Electricity tariff from power purchase agreements and gate fees
Expected life of the project 25 years
Environmental Sustainability & Resilience features Renewable energy production, engineered landfills, low emission garbage trucks and waste-to energy plants at produce low net greenhouse gas emissions.
Contact Information

Ricardo Munroe
PPP & Privatisation Division
Development Bank of Jamaica
Email: rmunroe@dbankjm.com
876-929-4000 Ext 4023

Renee Rattray
Account Executive
PPP & Privatisation Division
Development Bank of Jamaica
Email: rrattray@dbankjm.com
876-929-4000 Ext 4100