Integrated Solid Waste Management PPP

Mode of Procurement Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
Project Sponsor(s) Ministry of Local Government & Rural Development (MLGRD)
National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA)
Description and location

TA combination of two Concession Agreements on a design, build, finance, operate and maintain transfer basis to provide island-wide waste collection services and waste treatment and recycling capacity through waste-to-energy technology, and a sanitary landfill.


  • Increasing MSW collection rate from < 60 to over 90%
  • Reducing GhG and CO2 emissions from the solid waste sector by 70%
  • Establishing a sustainable waste minimization scheme through large-scale recycling and energy recovery.
  • Procuring Private capital investment and innovation in municipal solid waste management.
  • Facilitating training and employment opportunities for existing sanitation workers and informal recyclers.
  • Maintaining adequate levels of public investment in municipal waste management through long-term PPP contracts that have predictable cashflows.
  • Curtailing environmental pollution, public health, and safety issues by strengthening the institutional framework (regulatory capacity) and investing in best practice infrastructure.
  • Catalysing wider sector reforms (stronger enforcement) and facilitating remediation of pre-existing dump sites

  • Collection of waste from the sources of generation and primary transportation to a transfer station or a treatment facility
  • 9 transfer stations located across the island (8 currently identified)
  • Logistics for transportation of the waste from the transfer stations to the treatment facilities
  • WtE-1
    • MPM region covering 6 parishes
    • Quantity: ~850,000 t/y of waste
    • Capacity: 65 MW
  • WtE-2
    • WPM region covering 5 parishes
    • Quantity: ~350,000 t/y of waste
    • Capacity: 26 MW
  • NEPM covering 3 parishes.
  • Quantity: ~150,000 t/y of waste over 20 years + residues from WtE
  • Residual bed ash and fly ash from the WtE will be safely disposed of in the sanitary landfill.
Status Business Case under review by GOJ.
Estimated Capital costs/development expenditures Over US$800M
Sources of revenues Availability payments, Sale of electricity, Gate fees, Sale of recyclable products
Expected life of the project 20 years
Environmental Sustainability & Resilience features Integrated solid waste management refers to the strategic approach to sustainable management of solid wastes covering all sources and all aspects, including generation, segregation, transfer, sorting, treatment, recovery, and disposal in an integrated manner, emphasizing maximizing resource use efficiency.
  • Click here for an overview of Sanitary Landfill operations
  • Click here for an overview of Waste-to-Energy operations
Contact Information

Renee Rattray
PPP & Privatisation Division
Development Bank of Jamaica
876-929-4000 Ext 4100

Rashawn Edwards
Account Executive
PPP & Privatisation Division
Development Bank of Jamaica
876-929-4000 Ext 4085

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