Privatisation of the commercial assets of the Cocoa Industry Board (CIB)

Cocoa Industry Board


The Government of Jamaica (GoJ) is in the process of divesting the commercial assets and operations of the Cocoa Industry Board (CIB). The recent levels of Jamaican cocoa production has been around 400 – 500 Metric tonnes (MT), but has the potential to increase up to 2,500 MT within 3-4 years, if all existing trees were to be in full production.

The CIB has a cocoa farm and four (4) processing facilities (2 of which are currently in operation) which are perfectly located in the vicinity of the farmers and the ports.  The fermentaries are capable of producing high quality cocoa beans.  In addition, Jamaica has over 6,000 cocoa farmers with extension services and government support.

Jamaica is recognized as one of eight exclusive producers of fine-flavoured cocoa in the world, which gives us the potential to rival the most lucrative markets in the world.    With creative marketing and visionary management, these prized assets will enable you to differentiate your products though Jamaica’s premium cocoa flavour.


Project Description

The GoJ is seeking suitable private investors to facilitate expansion and growth in the cocoa industry and increased cocoa exports through investment and management.


The Government of Jamaica is currently reviewing the privatisation strategy for the cocoa assets and approval of a new Enterprise Team.


Privatisation of the commercial assets of the Cocoa Industry Board (CIB)