Get Ready to Build

SCJ Holdings Limited (SCJH) has, this week, opened the divestment process for Bernard Lodge lands in collaboration with the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ).

The Greater Bernard Lodge Development Master Plan (GBLDMP), a long-term project in St Catherine, will cover 5,397.02 acres, with 3,026.79 acres or 56 per cent of the landmass being dedicated to agricultural purposes.

On offer are several unsold parcels of land under the GBLDMP.

In full-page advertisements, it was indicated that the blocks to be divested include light industrial blocks, mixed-use blocks, residential blocks detached, and townhouses and social services blocks.

The Government, via its agencies, said it is now inviting “experienced real estate developers capable of delivering residential and commercial solutions in line with the GOJ’s vision for a sustainable model community where Jamaicans can live and raise their families are being invited to partake in the land divestment process”.

The government agencies have launched a website with details of the offer.

The Government, meanwhile, has presented a major development plan for the lands in St Catherine, which it says will result in more affordable housing, expansion of jobs, sustainable agricultural production, upgrading of roads and informal communities, and improved water supply.

Nearby communities such as Clifton and Dunbeholden will also have infrastructure upgrades and community centres, while the entire area will have a new and central sewerage system.

Chief Executive Officer of Sugar Company of Jamaica (SCJ) Holdings Joseph Shoucair, at the launch of the plan, indicated that the new development will be an improvement on Portmore, which is a dormitory community. He is head of the enterprise team responsible for implementing the plan.

It was also indicated that 56 per cent of the lands will be devoted totally to agriculture; 28 per cent for residential; and the remaining portion for utilities, open spaces and commercial use.