Mavis Bank Coffee Factory Success Story

Mavis Bank Coffee Factory (MBCF) is one of Jamaica’s leading processors of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, which is one of the finest coffees in the world. MBCF markets its coffee under the well-known JABLUM brand.

m1 MBCF Production Floor
In October 2011, the Government sold its majority interest in MBCF to a consortium of Jamaica Producers Group and Pan Jamaica Investment, two Jamaican conglomerates.
The acquisition has optimized the operations’ efficiencies, delivered good returns for its shareholders, strengthened the brand and developed the business for farmers of Blue Mountain Coffee.
MBCF Achievements
Significant achievements since the change in ownership include:
 Establishment of a state of the art wastewater treatment facility
 Introduction of “JABLUM GOLD” a new superior premium “luxury” roasted coffee
 Investments in expansion of the factory which has increased the returns to farmers by over 100%.
 Establishment of more than 60 acres of coffee farms and acquisition of a second coffee farm is under way.


m2 Some of MBCF’s Fine Products
MBCF Growth and Development
MBCF currently has approximately 150 employees and expects to invest in the order of US$2.5M over the next four years in an ongoing investment programme. The company has also expanded its retail distribution network with several outlets island wide, and established relationships within the tourist industry.
The operation continues to make several linkages with the surrounding communities and small famers through, among other ventures, the provision of fertilizer and seedlings to farmers and sponsorship of a Champion Farmer Award.
“The investment in Mavis Bank was an attractive opportunity for the company. The privatisation process was well managed, transparent and fair for all potential investors, and that is a very important part of the process. The company will continue to look at the privatisation offerings led by the DBJ as potential investment opportunities.”


Jeffrey Hall, Chief Executive Officer, Jamaica Producers Group