The Institute of Law and Economics (ILE)

The Institute of Law and Economics (ILE) has benefitted from DBJ grants for the implementation of the Business Entrepreneurship Empowerment Programme (BEEP). From July 2013 to July 2015 BEEP has helped over 1,000 MSMEs improving their business management skills through participation in workshops and other capacity building initiatives. Over 100 new businesses have been registered.

Because of its commitment to MSME sector DBJ provided a grant to JAMPRO for its Export Max programme. This programme targets new and existing export ready companies to competitively position them to take advantage of market opportunities and to increase export sales.

The Export Max 2-year pilot programme which was launched in 2011 saw companies benefiting from financial and logistical support for participation in missions/ tradeshows and business linkages events. Participation in these events has yielded some notable results, with over J$40M in new export sales and linkages contracts secured amounting to approximately J$76M. Companies have also been able to access capacity building training offered by JAMPRO as well as partner agencies. Export sales averaged 31% moving from J$1.067 Billion to J$1.396 Billion. A total of thirty three (33) new markets were accessed over this period and an additional fifty four (54) strong trade leads are being pursued. DBJ currently supports Export Max II which was launched in October 2014.